My Days as an SEO Assistant


My day starts at 6am, but sometimes I can sleep an extra 20 minutes if I skip my coffee.  Always a bad idea. Once out of bed I wake up my fiance, which usually takes 6-7 attempts! Once I get out of the shower, I walk Daisy.  She’s the cutest little mini Yorkie ever.  EVER!  But she’s a princess and if I’m late at all…she takes even longer.  I throw the “poopies” away and head out for the day.  If at all possible, I hit the Starbucks near my home before getting on the highway.  Around 7am I leave the house and fight NYC traffic.

I usually get into the office around 8:45. I’m usually the first one in…and I turn everything on and look at the schedule for the day. Today I get to work on 301 redirects, which is some of the most tedious work in the office. After spending most my morning doing these monotonous things…I decide to go onto something else.  That usually means writing content for one of our clients. If I’m lucky enough to get a lunch…I usually take it at about this point.


Afterwards working on what feels like 4000 redirects, I call it quits and try to stretch my legs – and my mind.  That work is certainly mind-numbing.  I typically meet with the boss at this point. Just a few minutes to make sure we are all on the same page.  I’m not even mad at him…he’s a good guy.  His name is Scott and he owns our company here in New York as well as a Northern VA SEO company in Fairfax VA.  He’s not your typical business owner…he’s always in jeans and a t-shirt.  And he’s cool.

Today we actually sat and watched this together.  Scott says that while I may be doing menial tasks today, I need to be thinking about my career and my long term goals.  He loves stuff like this and it’s starting to grown on me.

Anyway, after our meeting we get the team together and round-robin progress reports around 2pm.  All the Project Managers give updates on their accounts and we all have input.

Afterwards, I ask either Barry or Tommy what they need from me.  Typically it’s more content.  Sometimes I get design work, content research, keyword research, or image searches.  It’s all good.

After work

The workday officially ends at 5pm, but most people stay late.  Not because they have to, but because they love their jobs!  Or they hate traffic.  One or the other.  But seriously…this team is really committed.  The only times we don’t stay late are on Fridays.  Usually around 3pm on Friday we hit the pub downstairs and have a few end of the week cocktails.  It’s a great way to keep morale high and blow off some steam.  I love this team, I really do!

After driving home, I walk Daisy again…eat dinner and watch a little TV.  But here’s where my sickness kicks in.  As I get into bed, I grab my laptop, check emails, and do some more work.  It’s crazy how much I love what I do.  But it’s a lot.  I need a hobby that doesn’t come with a dress code and time clock!

What’s Up World?!

new yorkI am a New Yorker true and true.  I live and breathe Manhattan…and I adore Brooklyn.  I grew up in this City and I’ll die in this City.  But with things as hectic as they are right now, I’m worried that day will come sooner rather than later.

There is a lot of stuff in this city that will make you feel alive and there is just as much that will make you feel like the end is near.  Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE my life here in NYC.  But it is a lot to handle sometimes.

And that’s why I love Seinfeld.  That damn show cracks me the hell up!

It’s always good to take a step back and laugh sometimes.  It helps to clear the soul and relieve the stress of the city.

And the other reason I like this show…I’m Elaine!  100%.  I look like her, I talk like her, I laugh like her…and yes, I even DANCE like her!

I’m not so sure that it wasn’t my life that the show’s writers were writing about.  I am best friends with my ex.  I don’t take any shit.  And my hair…oh my hair!

So I guess this blog will be a little cathartic for me. I’ll write about my life and my stress.  Hopefully it’ll help me cope.  Because I’ll be damned if I’m ever going to leave this amazing city!!